The convenience of mobile dental X-rays

A detailed dental exam can identify a variety of oral concerns in your resident’s or loved one’s mouth, such as ill-fitting dentures or the presence of a broken filling. Unfortunately, there are some things that require a viewpoint that can see below the gums or through the tooth. Thankfully, X-rays can do just that!

Enjoy access to an experienced mobile dental team that utilizes portable dental X-ray equipment while providing safe imaging services to:

  • Pinpoint areas of infection
  • Identify undiagnosed decay or dental disease
  • Screen for problems in their earliest stage
  • Provide necessary information for completing or planning treatment

Golden Care mobile dental services brings the X-ray machine to residents living in long-term residential care facilities, nursing facilities, and retirement homes.

Are X-rays necessary?

If your loved one is non-verbal or suffers from the challenges of dementia, Golden Care’s radiographs help to capture any underlying infections or ailments that may be causing them pain. Using X-rays to screen at-risk patients and diagnose anomalies inside of the mouth is considered a standard of care.

Mobile dental X-rays may save you money

When you request services through Golden Care mobile dentist, there are no extra costs to the residential care facility. In fact, you may find that it saves the facility, and the patient, money by not requiring extra staff to transport the patient back and forth to an off-site dental clinic to have x-rays provided.

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