Request tooth extractions from a mobile dental team

Does your resident or loved one have a severe toothache? Removing a tooth is usually recommended if it is not possible to restore it with a root canal, crown, or filling. It may be that the senior you know is in pain or has a severe infection (such as periodontal disease or an abscess) to the point where it is better to have their tooth removed.

To ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible, a Golden Care dentist will use local anesthesia without epinephrine (to reduce heart complications.) After the tooth is removed, a dressing is placed in the socket and sutures are used to stabilize the area during healing.

After a tooth removal

If the tooth’s location impacts on the ability to speak or eat, they will need to have their missing tooth replaced.

Fortunately, the tooth replacement can be fitted by Golden Care’s mobile dental practice visiting the residential facility, so that your family member does not have to be moved off-site. Not only does this make it more comfortable for your loved one, it is also easier for your family and the residential facility operators.

Why Golden Dental Care Services?

Rest confidently by partnering with a mobile dental clinic that has served over 100 different residential facilities throughout Ontario for 32 years, with a 97% satisfaction approval rating.

Thanks to best-in-class technology and care, you can have the dental office brought straight to where your loved one lives, rather than transport them to and from a separate dental clinic. All of this is available at no extra cost to the residential facility.

As a family member or residential caregivers, you can depend upon a highly trained dental staff that is attentive to the unique needs of seniors and individuals with challenges such as dementia.

Free dental consultations and same day emergency appointments are always available upon request. Contact a care representative today for more information!

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