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Mobile dental hygiene appointments for long-term care residents

Maintaining a healthy mouth will benefit residents of long-term care facilities and retirement homes, effecting overall wellness. If an older adult has an infection like gum disease, it can drastically increase their chance of developing secondary infections, such as pneumonia. Fortunately, you can provide them with access to a mobile dental hygiene clinics.

During these mobile dental visits, residents will benefit from preventative therapies such as:

  • Prophylactic cleanings: Special instruments lift away calcified tartar deposits, plaque buildup, and surface stains. Good daily and professional hygiene can reduce the risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease and tooth loss.
  • Tooth desensitization: Receding gum lines are quite common with age but along with this, often comes sensitive teeth. As such, it can be difficult to consume certain types or temperatures of food or beverages. With a quick desensitization treatment, Golden Care can reduce tooth sensitivity for up to three to six months.
  • Fluoride: Seniors often battle “dry mouth” due to a decrease in saliva flow or medications they take. This, along with gum recession, can place them at an advanced risk of tooth decay. Preventative fluoride treatments reduce caries rates and help remineralize areas of weak enamel.
  • Antimicrobial Therapy: If prone to poor gum health or other types of oral infections (thrush,) a topical solution may need to be applied to eliminate bacterial growth.

With a 97% satisfaction rating, it’s no wonder why over 100 different long-term care facilities and families have reached out to Golden Care to provide their residents with mobile dentistry appointments. No extra staff is necessary, and a mobile clinic comes straight to your loved one’s place of residence. When treatment is needed, it’s done right on site, making it easier and more convenient for everyone.

Are you searching for dental staff with experience in working with seniors and individuals with challenges and special care needs such as dementia? Contact a customer care representative today to book a no fee consultation for your loved one.


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