Convenient on-site dental exams

A comprehensive dental exam by our experienced dentists can identify areas of concern in a senior’s smile before they are obvious to you, the family, or other caregivers, and before there is pain. As such, earlier intervention can be taken when treatments are simpler to complete.

Thorough dental examination process consists of:

  • Assessing the soft tissues for signs of pathology, cancer, or infection
  • Evaluating the integrity and health of remaining teeth
  • Screening for undiagnosed conditions with the aid of dental X-rays
  • Inspecting existing restorations (fillings, crowns)
  • Inspecting any removable prosthetics, such as complete or partial dentures
  • Planning appropriate cleanings or treatment, when applicable.

Whether you’re a facility operator or you have a family member living in a long-term care centre, mobile dental services enable you to access quality, comfortable care without requiring the help of extra support staff to transport them to an off-site facility. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your residents or your loved one is cared for in the convenience of their own residence.

Request a no-fee dental consultation at any time.

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