Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental services for long-term care facilities, nursing and retirement homes

Golden Care Mobile Dental Services’ head office will assess your situation and contact the facility within 24 hours of a reported emergency to help arrange for resident care. In most cases a same day appointment is available. In rare situations where mobile dental care cannot be provided, the Golden Care family dental clinic is available to see your resident, or loved one, right away.

Prevent Dental Emergencies through Regular Check-Ups

Getting dentist checkups on a regular basis is the best way to identify and treat oral health conditions before they escalate into emergency situations. Don’t wait until your loved one is experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain to schedule an appointment. Bi-annual cleanings and check-ups can help us recognize if their teeth are healthy and strong or if they appear to be at risk for damage.

A scheduled dental check-up will include a thorough exam for gum disease, which is the #1 reason people lose teeth and also a frequent source of bad breath. We’ll also look for signs of tooth decay. Remember, even the best fillings can have a limited life. Even the smallest microscopic space between the tooth structure and filling can potentially result in decay that must be caught early to avoid tooth loss.

Regular Dental Checkups Can Actually Save You Money

That’s right, regular check-ups can save you money, and stress!

Sometimes people choose to do without regular dental check-ups for their family members as a way of reducing expenses because they consider them as an avoidable cost. However, you can actually save money by avoiding much more comprehensive and expensive restorative dental procedures down the road.

Regular check-ups can help us identify and intervene early in dental problems reducing any pain, as well as the financial costs associated with more complex treatments. It also allows us to screen for oral cancer and numerous other health issues that can be difficult spot on your own. Understand that there are more than 120 diseases that can result in specific signs or symptoms in and around the mouth.

The bottom line? Dental check-ups and professional hygiene therapy can help you keep your loved one’s natural teeth and enjoy optimal dental health.

Need assistance arranging same day emergency appointments or no-fee consultations to residents in need of immediate attention? You’ll love the dedicated customer care manager assigned to work closely with your nursing staff to recommend the appropriate dental care plan or maintenance needs that should be met.

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