Mobile denture care

Do you have a loved one that wears a denture? It’s not uncommon for seniors living in residential facilities to wear removable prosthetics. Their denture is something they rely on in order to eat comfortably, maintain proper body weight, and communicate with their friends, family, and the facility staff.

Just like a natural smile, dentures can also wear out or need to be updated. An ill-fitting “plate” can cause soreness, decrease in appetite, and even harbour infection when not carefully maintained. As such, it’s important that seniors have access to a mobile dentist that strives to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident in their denture.

Denture repairs

Accidentally dropping a denture on the hard floor or in the sink could cause a crack in the acrylic, or a tooth to break off. In such cases, it may be painful and should not be worn until an on-site repair can be provided.

Denture reline

As the months and years go by, it’s normal for our oral anatomy to change. Loss of bone may lead to your loved one’s denture not fitting snuggly. When this is the case, it becomes harder to eat or talk, and sore spots also begin to develop. A simple denture reline may be the best fix to get them out of pain!

Additions to partial dentures

Partial dentures snap in place around existing teeth, replacing only the ones that are missing. If a tooth needs to be extracted, we may be able to add a tooth to the partial instead of replacing the entire denture.

Denture replacement

Like a crown or filling, dentures can wear out. A Golden Care denturist will carefully assess the fit and function of the dentures during each checkup, and will recommend replacing it when appropriate.

Cleanings / denture soak

Dentures need to be cleaned, too! Otherwise bacteria on them can lead to infections such as thrush. Golden Care Mobile Dental Services includes a free denture bath with their treatment,

Denture ID labels

Misplaced dentures can be hard to identify, especially in a residential facility. Fortunately, a small ID label can be built into a denture, so that you always know who the rightful owner is.

Experience the confidence of dental staff with a commitment to caring for seniors. Contact a Golden Care representative today for assistance.

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