Mobile Dental Services

Best-in-class Mobile Dental Services

Feel confident with the support of our best-in-class, on-site dental care team that serves residents of long-term care and retirement facilities. Access old fashioned service with modern technology without transferring seniors offsite.

No Cost Dental Screenings

As a family member or residential facility, you can request a no cost, no obligation dental screening for individuals that may have a unique concern. This brief visit allows you to gain answers to any questions and receive appropriate treatment recommendations, if necessary.

Some of the routine services that your loved one can benefit from through our mobile dental clinic include:

  • Dental exams: Detailed assessments of the teeth and oral anatomical structures.
  • Diagnostic x-rays: Pinpointing areas of infection or decay.
  • Dental hygiene care: Cleanings, desensitizing treatments, fluoride, and antimicrobial therapy.
  • Fillings: To repair areas of tooth decay (cavities), leaky older restorations, or tooth fractures.
  • Extractions: To remove teeth that are non-restorable or severely infected.
  • Denture services: New dentures as well as repair, relining, adjustments, and labelling of existing dentures.

All residents have access to these mobile dental treatments and more. In rare situations where mobile dentistry is not appropriate, our family clinic is available to ensure that each individual’s comprehensive needs are met.

Why is Dental Care Important to Seniors?

Optimal oral health plays a key role in maintaining a balanced diet, the ability to communicate, and overall wellness. The role of a mobile dentist includes identifying and addressing the unarticulated needs of your loved one, before they are obvious to you or other caregivers. Rest confidently in a team with unique experience and commitment to serving individuals with special needs, such as advanced dementia.

Partner with a mobile dentist that has a 97% satisfaction approval rate, with 80% of facilities requesting our services for over three years in a row. There are no extra costs charged to your facility. Contact a customer care manager today for more information.

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