Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile dental clinic?

A mobile dental clinic is like a traveling dentist office. The dentists and staff travel to the residential facility, rather than the senior requiring transportation off-site with the help of extra staff.

My loved one wears dentures. Do they still need to see a dentist?

Yes. A denture is vital to being able to eat properly and speak. Ill-fitting dentures lead to pain, infection, difficulty communicating, and even bone loss. All seniors receive a free denture bath with their treatment. Denture relines, repairs, and replacement are available.

I think someone I care for is in pain. What should I do?

Individuals with dementia may not be able to communicate their dental problems to residential staff or family. Thanks to the convenience of a mobile dental clinic with expertise in senior care, your family member can be assessed and diagnosed properly before problems are visible to you or other caregivers. Ask for a complementary no-fee consultations or same day emergency visit.

Who pays for the senior’s treatment?

The treatment is paid for by the patient or their family.

How long have you been providing mobile senior dental care?

Golden Care Dental Services has over 32 years of experience in senior dental care. Our mobile clinic serves over 100 Ontario residential facilities, with over 80% of those sites using us for more than three years. Each of our staff has a commitment to providing dental care to both seniors and patients with special needs like advanced dementia.

How can I arrange to have you visit my loved one or the facility that I work at?

A call or online request will put you in touch with one of our customer care managers. You can then discuss your concerns, the logistics, and the fees involved, and schedule a visit to the facility if appropriate. There are no extra costs to the facility operators. Families like yours often find that our services are more convenient than transporting their loved ones to an off-site dentist office.

Can I pay my invoice online?

Yes. Life’s busy. Getting dental care for your loved one should be convenient. Golden Care Mobile Dental Services offer online payment.

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