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Mobile dental care for long-term care facilities

Do you have a loved one living in a long-term care facility or retirement home? If so you understand the challenges that exist when trying to ensure that they have access to comprehensive dental care, especially if extra people are needed to help with transportation to an offsite dental practice.

Instead, reach out to Golden Care Mobile Dental Services, a team of dentists experienced in geriatric dental care. Golden Care has been providing mobile dental services for over 32 years and is currently working in more than 100 long-term care facilities across Ontario. You’ll feel confident in your decision, thanks to the 97% satisfaction approval rating.

Bringing the dentist’s office to your loved one

It’s simple for you to request the services of a mobile dental clinic that brings the dentist’s office to your loved one. In most cases, most dental procedures can be completed at the senior’s place of residence. Whether it’s just a repair to their denture or a same day emergency appointment, the services include everything necessary to complete their care, including the equipment and support staff!

In rare situations where the treatment cannot be completed at your loved one’s facility, you also have the option of transferring them to the Golden Care family dental clinic for off-site services.

Why is dental care for long-term residents important?

Minimizing oral disease and dental pain can ensure the best quality of life for your loved one. If you’ve noticed them not eating well lately or communicating less, please contact their caregiver as soon as possible. It may be that an underlying dental issue is the source of the problem. In certain situations, oral infections are linked to an increase in respiratory diseases (such as pneumonia) and other health problems.

Payment options

Life’s busy. Getting dental care for your loved one should be convenient, affordable, and leave you with a reason to smile. Golden Care Mobile Dental Services accept all major credit cards, offer digital payment, and cheques.

We encourage you to be familiar with your loved one’s dental plan in order to eliminate disappointments with coverage amounts, payment and reimbursement. Please ask us for more details about insurance and financing options.

Free consultations available

Enjoy a best-in-class mobile dental team that is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Your own customer care manager will review the necessary forms and information required, as well as arrange the visit with the facility operators.

Consultations are available at no charge. Request more information today!

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