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Comprehensive dental services in your long-term care facility

When your long-term residents need dental care, you need someone that can bring comprehensive dental services straight to your facility.

The oral health conditions of your residents can drastically impact whether they can eat, and even increase the risk of systemic health conditions such as pneumonia. All adults, seniors especially, deserve full access to a comprehensive menu of preventive and therapeutic dental services to boost their overall wellness. Whether it’s an ill-fitting denture or an abscessed tooth, Golden Care Mobile Dental Services aims to screen for dental problems before they are evident to the family or you as their caregiver.

Benefits of Golden Care Mobile Dental Services for your long-term care facility:

No cost to the facility

There is no associated cost in either dollars or staff time required from the facility. Golden Care Dental Services provides all necessary equipment and appropriate staff for any scheduled appointment. The financial needs are met by the patient’s family or estate.

No administrative work

Golden Care Dental Services completes all of its own billing, mailing and treatment scheduling. This will eliminate the administrative work and responsibilities for your facility and its staff, associated with dental care for your residents.

Cost reductions to the facility

Residents consenting to our dental program will no longer require hired escorts and costly transportation to visit a conventional dental office.

Dedicated account managers

Need assistance arranging same day emergency appointments or no-fee consultations to residents in need of immediate attention? You’ll love the dedicated customer care manager assigned to work closely with your nursing staff to recommend the appropriate dental care plan or maintenance needs that should be met.

Value-added services

  • In-services for nursing staff
  • Free toothbrush after every cleaning
  • Free denture bath with treatment
  • Dental consultant available 24/7
  • Same day emergency appointments available
  • Support of special events (Christmas, nurse appreciation week, family BBQs, etc).
32 years of experience

Long-term residential centres like yours have used our mobile dentistry services for over 32 years.

You can confidently partner with the same provider that services over 100 facilities just like yours across Ontario.

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