For the facility

Enjoy the convenience of a mobile dental clinic that directly services the needs of your residents – at no extra cost to your facility.

Build your brand. Partnering with Golden Care dental professionals, a team with over 32 years of experience, gives you the ability to promote your facility as one that understands the importance of oral health care – committed to making dental care easily accessible while emphasizing comfort, excellent treatment, and convenience for your residents.

100 long-term care facilities across Ontario trust Golden Care to provide complete on-site dentistry for their residents.


For the family

Bringing the dentist’s office to your loved one.

Your loved one deserves a convenient, supportive, and comfortable means of accessing dental care. This is especially true when they reside in a long-term care facility or retirement home and cannot easily travel to a conventional dental office.


Golden Care provides essential dental procedures on-site

  • Exams, oral cancer screenings, and diagnostic X-rays
  • Dental hygiene services
  • Fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Denture replacement and repair
  • Same day dental emergency care
caregiver and resident

Improving access to dental care

Unfortunately, many seniors or individuals with special needs such as dementia are unable to access quality dental care due to the challenges of transportation to and from off-site dental facilities.

Access to dental care is no longer a problem. We come to your facility. Contact us today!

dentist and resident patient

Improving the quality of life for your residents

A healthy mouth and confident smile is essential to all aspects of life: from being able to eat a balanced meal to communicating with those around us.

The Golden Care programme, provides routine dental care on a regular basis as well as same day dental emergency care to ensure the comfort and safety of your residents, which, in turn, adds immeasurably to their quality of life.


Arrange a no-fee consultation.

Contact us to discuss the dental care needs of any long-term care resident.

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Free dental screening for your residents. No cost or obligation.

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